Ashoka’s Edicts

Ashoka’s edicts and inscriptions in Brahmi (prakrit language), Greek and Aramaic on pillars and rocks spread across Indian subcontinent were aimed at enunciating his idea of dhamma

Kandahar Edict of Ashoka, a bilingual inscription (in Greek and Aramaic) 

The Kandahar Edict of Ashoka, a bilingual inscription (in Greek and Aramaic) by King Ashoka Public Domain


1. History of Ancient India: Reigns of Ashoka by Ranabir Charavarti

2. Ashoka & His Inscription – I by Ranabir Charavarti

3. Ashoka & His Inscription – II by Ranabir Charavarti

4. Ashokan Edicts by ABUL FAZAL Dastagir


Musical rendering of the Edicts

1. The Edict Project | TM Krishna | Ashoka University

2. The Edict Project | T.M. Krishna | Ashoka Edicts | Edition 2


  1. Rock Inscriptions of Asoka by Cunningham 1879
  2. Full text of “Inscriptions of Asoka. New Edition by E. Hultzsch   txt file | pdf file
  3. Ashoka’s Edicts by Amulyachandra Sen
  4. THE EDICTS OF KING ASHOKA An English rendering by Ven. S. Dhammika
  5. A Translation of the Edicts of Asoka (part II) (anonymous)
  6. Finding history: the locational geography of Ashokan inscriptions in the Indian subcontinent by Smith, Monica et al


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