Pilgrimage of Xuan Zang (or Hiuen Tsiang) to Nalanda

Resources on pilgrimage of XUAN ZANG (or HIUEN TSIANG) to Nalanda and other Buddhist sites in Bihar India

XUAN ZANG’S Pilgrimage to Nalanda

XUAN ZANG’S Pilgrimage to Nalanda
A depiction of the Chinese monk Xuanzang on his journey to Indiahttps://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Xuanzang_w.jpgAttribution: Public domain

Xuan Zang Film

Xuan Zang & Nalanda A Remembrance without end

Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage Part 1-2

Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage Part 3-4

Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage Part 5-6

Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage Part 7-8

Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage Part 9-10

Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage Part 11-12


  1. Civilisations from East to West Editor: Kinga Dévényi
  2. The Travel Records of Chinese Pilgrims
  3. A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms, by Fâ-Hien  pdf file 
  4. Si-yu-ki. Buddhist records of the Western World By Hiuen Tsiang or Xuan Zang| pdf file  
  5. Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en | pdf file


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