Sasaram, Kaimur Hill

Located near the top of the Kimur Range, this is the site of Ashokan Minor Rock Edict (MRE). No. 1. In the edict, Emperor Ashoka has used the Prakrit term Jambudīpasi (Sanskrit “Jambudvīpa”) for “India” to represent his realm.

The Sahasram Edict of Ashoka mentions the Prakrit name Jambudīpasi (Sanskrit “Jambudvīpa”) for “India” in Brahmi script.

Sahasram Edict of Ashoka
Attribution: Eugen Hultzsch
Sasaram in Kaimur Hills Bihar is the site of Ashokan Minor Rock Edict (MRE). No. 1. The edict is located near the top of the Kimur Range near Sasaram in Rohtas District.
The inscription at Sasaram represents one of the earliest edicts of the emperor Ashoka. It is engraved on a small rock and it is written in old Brahmi characters.
Ashoka used the Prakrit term Jambudīpasi (Sanskrit “Jambudvīpa”) for “India” to represent his realm.


Country   India   
State   Bihar   
District   Rohtas
Sub-division   Sasaram
Block   Sasaram
Village   Udhopur
Postal Code   82115
Coordinates 24°56’29″N   84°2’18″E (or, 24.94138°N  84.03833°E)  
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Ashoka Minor Rock Edict of Sasaram

Ashoka Minor Rock Edict of Sasaram
Attribution: Partner, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Sasaram edict
Ashoka Edict of Sasaram
Sasaram edict
Source: Inscription of Ashoka by Hultzsch pp 346-348



1.The Sahasram Rock- Inscription. Inscriptions of Asoka. New Edition by E. Hultzsch pp 346-348

2. Asoka Edict in Sasaram, Kimur Range View at Sasaram, looking towards the terminal spur of the Kimur Range, near the top of which is the Asoka Edict. Online Gallery. British Library.

3. Close view of first half of Asoka Edict, Sasaram Online Gallery. British Library.

4. ASHOKA INSCRIPTION Rohtas district



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2. Ashokan Inscription and Rock-cut Cave in Rohtas


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